Strengthening the Mind, Body, and Character

Since our charter began, we've placed a strong emphasis on helping our students become the best and healthiest versions of themselves; but, with the rise of childhood obesity and mental health issues in our young people, we've felt called to do more for our students and their families.  To do this, we've launched our 'A Healthier Me' Wellness campaign. 


To inform, educate, and assist, our students in living their best life. We have done that by creating a well-rounded wellness curriculum that encompasses healthy lifestyle habits and physical fitness to extend beyond the traditional "P.E." classroom.

ILTexas Wellness - Campaign Launch Webinar

A Healthier Me - Wellness Campaign

Wellness Information & Resources


Water is the best way to stay hydrated during the hot, Texas summer! Bottled fruit juices, sodas, or sports drinks may contain added sugars. Instead, try: adding a few fruits, vegetables, or herbs to water to make it more interesting. Lemon, orange, or cucumber slices are popular favorites. Some people call this “spa water” because it looks fancy, but it is easy to do at home. Just rinse and slice fruits or vegetables (about a cup of fruit per 5 cups of water), add them to a pitcher of water, and let the flavors sit for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. They look pretty, too!

Try these flavor combinations:

• Strawberries and mint

• Watermelon, cucumber, and lime

• Pineapple and lemon (USDA.gov).

SUMMER Wellness & Fitness

Staying active in summer can be difficult due the heat. A couple tips:

1. Be sure to drink plenty of ice water and stay hydrated. Make your own fruit ice cubes:  • Put chopped fruit or fresh herbs into each section of an ice cube tray. Mint or any kind of berry would be great choices. • Cover with water and place in the freezer until frozen. • Put the cubes in your water, and when the ice melts, you’ll have a fresh- and flavorful-tasting water! (USDA.gov)

2. Plan your outdoor activities in the cooler parts of the day

3. Plan physical activities that can be indoors (videos on YouTube, stationary exercises such as jogging in place, sit ups, push ups, etc.)

4. Stay cool in the pool! Be sure to apply sunscreen and wear a hats/sunglasses! You can swim laps or participate in water aerobics. 

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